The Virgo Parent

* A combination of practical skills, sound earthy wisdom and a willingness to selflessly serve their children make Virgo parents among the best around. Virgos have everything it takes to give their kids a wholesome, healthy and materially secure upbringing. Nobody takes better care of their offspring’s physical wellbeing – but at times they may struggle to show an emotionally needy child as much heartfelt empathy and demonstrative affection as they require.

* Virgo parents excel at providing the stable, well organized domestic environment and regular routines that most kids thrive on and are so essential to their healthy development. Sometimes though, they’re so wedded to routines and lacking in adaptability, they make their kids’ lives a little monotonous and boring.

* Virgos aren’t the type to set their kids on a pedestal or suffer from the illusion they can never do any wrong. Because their critical faculties are so highly developed, Virgo parents actually can’t help noticing and pointing out all their children’s faults and failings. Although their intentions are good, unless they balance their criticisms with an equal amount of praise for the kids’ talents and achievements, an under-confident child can grow up with the feeling they’re never quite good enough.

* The Virgo mother’s perfectionist drive that governs all areas of her life will also apply to the way she raises her children. The fear of making mistakes on the one hand makes her exceptionally conscientious and painstaking, inspiring her to diligently educate herself in the best child rearing techniques. But at the same time it can take much of the pleasure out of being a mother, since she is too focused on what might go wrong to enjoy all the things that are going right.

* The Virgo father is typically a sensible, responsible kind of dad who works hard to provide adequately for his kids’ basic material needs, but never makes the mistake of over-indulging them with more than they actually need. Paternal lack of generosity, perhaps bordering on meanness, is the biggest gripe of children of Virgo fathers. On the other hand, his dependability, loyalty and unfailing attentiveness are the things they’ll thank him most for.

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