The Pisces Parent

* What makes a Pisces parent so outstandingly special is their ability to give their children a truly magical childhood! Because they’re still closely in touch with their own inner child, they’re more easily able to identify with their kids’ sense of wonder and excitement about life, happily entering into their world of make-believe and encouraging them to dream beautiful dreams.

* A Pisces parent’s love for their children is of an unusually selfless kind, driving them to make many admirable personal sacrifices, but also some rather over-the-top ones. Despite everything, they often feel guilty that they haven’t been as good a parent as they should have been. But the truth is, they’ll serve their children better by doing a little less for them, rather than more.

* The extreme sensitivity of the average Pisces, which causes them to experience their offspring’s pain almost as if it were their own, means they will go to great lengths to try to protect their kids from any kind of suffering or unhappiness. As a result they’re prone to mollycoddling their children, even the more robust and thick-skinned ones. They’re also much laxer on discipline than the average parent – often to the point of being a total pushover – because they don’t want to be responsible for upsetting their kids in any way.

* A Pisces mother’s unusually highly developed capacity for emotional empathy enables her to create a much deeper and more powerful emotional bond with her kids than just about any other Star Sign. But while it’s her sensitivity that makes a Pisces mother such a wonderful nurturer, it can also be the cause of her frequent emotional ups and downs which sometimes get in the way of her focusing on the everyday practicalities of child rearing.

* A Pisces father’s strong spiritual ideals give him high aspirations for his kids to achieve something truly worthy in life. He wants them to make him proud not so much by making money as by expressing their creativity or serving others in order to make the world a better place. He may not have a very grounding influence on his kids, but he certainly has an ennobling one.

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