The Leo Parent

* The reason why most Leos make such marvelous parents is that they approach the task of raising children with the same kind of passion, positivity and will to succeed they apply to all other areas of their life. As a result they're often quite pushy parents. While that is of great benefit to a child who shares their ambition and confidence, it can be too much pressure for one who is more diffident and retiring.

* A Leo parent’s strong sense of self-assurance also extends to an unshakeable belief in their children. A Leo parent is quick to recognize their kids’ talents and strengths, but slow to admit to, or do anything about, their weaknesses and failings.  Because in their eyes their offspring can do no wrong and deserve only the best, Leos are often guilty of ruinously spoiling their kids.

* An archetypal Leo parent will throw themselves into the ‘role’ of mother or father with all their usual dramatic flair, expressing their feelings, both the warm, loving ones and the furiously angry ones, in a particularly demonstrative way. No child will ever be in doubt about where their Leo parent is coming from!

* The Leo mother’s inborn need for personal recognition means she’s likely to expect a due degree of respect and gratitude from her children for everything she does for them (which admittedly is likely to be quite a lot). If her kids don’t treat her like a mother goddess, her wounded vanity can make her quite sulky and difficult at times. If you’re a Leo mother, putting your ego needs to one side for the good of your children is a key parenting challenge for you.

* The Leo father wants his kids to make him proud because, since he sees them as an extension of himself, both their successes and their failures will reflect on his reputation too. The main pitfall faced by Leo fathers lies in projecting their own unfulfilled life goals onto their children, at the expense of their true gifts and aspirations. If you’re a Leo father, beware living off your kids’ achievements and treating them as ‘trophy children’ you can show off to the world.

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