The Gemini Parent

* As the best teacher their child is ever likely to have, a Gemini parent will do a wonderful job of developing their offspring’s mental faculties in a highly entertaining way. With their amazing knowledge on just about every subject under the Sun, and matchless talent for making education great fun, they will instil their kids with a lifelong love of learning.

* A Gemini’s children should never have cause to complain of being bored, but by the same token they may find their Gemini parent rather unpredictable and prone to changing their mind for no obvious reason. Consistency isn’t the strong point of Gemini mothers and fathers and family responsibility doesn’t come particularly easily to them.

* Because their freedom is so important to them, they will try their best to fit their parenting duties around their active social life without having to give up too much of their cherished independence. In turn they’re respectful of their kids’ rights to do their own thing without constantly being told to obey rules and follow orders. Geminis are rarely strong disciplinarians, partly because they don’t believe in overly authoritarian parenting, and partly because they want their children to like them and think of them as a good friend.

* The Gemini mother will normally have no problem establishing an outstandingly good mental and communicative connection with her children. Where she may be lacking though, is in her ability to form a deep emotional bond with them. Like most Geminis, she is probably more comfortable discussing ideas than feelings. As a result she may tend to shy away from emotionally charged topics and find it difficult to express her love for her children quite as warmly and openly as some other parents are able to do.

* The Gemini father is invariably a big joker, which will be much to the liking of any child who shares his light-hearted and emotionally robust approach to life. But more sensitive children may sometimes find his irreverent teasing and leg-pulling quite hurtful. By trying to show a little more empathy and a little less detachment, he will be an even better dad to his kids!

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