The Cancer Parent

* Of all the Star Signs, Cancerians have the greatest inclination and aptitude for nurturing and care-giving. Nor surprisingly then, they usually make wonderful parents! Because the child of a Cancer parent is nearly always genuinely wanted and valued, they’re likely to feel loved and cherished in a way few other kids ever will.

* The desire to protect others, especially those who can’t stand up for themselves, runs deep in the heart and soul of a typical Cancerian. So quite naturally, their key parenting priority will be to keep their kids safe from danger and harm. If taken too far though, this can result in their children being mollycoddled to such an extent that they remain in a permanent state of semi-babyhood and never learn how to cope with the realities of life.

* Family traditions are very important to Cancerians, who nearly always prefer to follow in the ways of their parents and elders in their child-raising strategies. This gives them great confidence in their parenting skills since reliable advice and support is always at hand. But because they rarely look far beyond their family for company and guidance, they can sometimes become rather insular and clannish.

* The Cancer mother’s outstanding empathy skills and openly loving expression of her affection should enable her to form a particularly close emotional bond with her children. Cancerian mothers are the best cuddlers! She needs to be careful though, not to identify too strongly with her mothering role to the exclusion of other important areas of her life. Otherwise she may end up feeling desperately bereft when her kids eventually leave home.

* The Cancer father’s chief priority consists of acquiring and maintaining a safe and comfortable home base for his family.  If for some reason he can’t provide his children with the high level of material and/or emotional security he considers so important for their wellbeing, he’s likely to feel deeply disappointed in himself. If you’re a Cancer father, don’t set the bar too high for your fathering standards, because just as long as you always let them know you love them, your kids will always love you back in return.

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