The Aquarius Parent

* Aquarians are in many ways the coolest, the most  enlightened, and also the most likeable of all parents! Their mastery of progressive child rearing techniques makes them unlikely to commit the worst traditional parenting mistakes. It also makes them very popular with their children since they try to treat their kids in the way they would most wish to be treated.

* An Aquarius parent will rarely fall into the trap of seeing their child as just one of their possessions with no true identity in their own right. As a result they’re one of the least controlling of parents, with an unusually relaxed approach to discipline and a willingness to set much wider boundaries for their kids than is the norm. For most children this makes them a dream parent. But some may need firmer limits and more structure than a typical Aquarius parent tends to provide.

* Right from the start, an Aquarius parent knows how to establish a strong channel of communication with their kids by being willing to discuss any kind of topic, no holds barred, and without trying to indoctrinate them with their own viewpoints. In this way they create an open and friendly parent-child relationship which most youngsters will greatly prefer to a traditionally authoritarian one. But for a child in need of more clear-cut guidance in their life, an Aquarius parent’s ‘anything goes’ approach can be rather confusing and frustrating at times.

* The Aquarius mother’s characteristic emotional detachment allows her to raise her kids without over-reacting in stressful situations where keeping a cool head will help them far more than giving in to feelings of worry, fear or anger. However, there will be other times when a child may long for their Aquarian mother to be a little less emotionally distant and impersonal, and to show more of a sense of empathy and caring than may come naturally to her.

* The Aquarius father will try to bring up his children to respect others as their equals, and will be careful not to give them the idea they’re special or entitled by over-praising or spoiling them. While this is very good for their soul, it may not be equally good for their ego!   

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