Parent and Child Star Signs Book

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Why is it that a parent who loves all their children equally and believes they treat them in exactly the same way experiences a different relationship with each of them? In some cases better, in others more difficult.

One fascinating explanation for this lies in the Stars! It’s an undeniable fact that some Star Signs are inherently more compatible than others and enjoy a happier and less problematic interaction. But even if your parent-child Star Sign match is more challenging, there’s plenty you can do to make your relationship a truly harmonious and successful one - and this book shows you how!

What is your inborn parenting style as determined by your Star Sign and what are its inherent strengths and weaknesses? How, on the other hand, does your child instinctively want to be cared for, and how will you need to adapt what you naturally have to offer them as a parent to their true nurturing needs? What effect does your partner’s Star Sign have on your parenting and how can you work better with them as a team?

Pauline Stone's deeply insightful answers to all these questions, drawn from her thirty years experience in the field of relationship astrology, will empower you to transform your child rearing experience in quite an extraordinary way!

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