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PAULINE STONE - gifted astrologer, writer, teacher and counselor – is the creator and principal content provider of Parent-Child-Astrology.com. Pauline began her astrological studies in 1974 in London, and by the early 1980s was pioneering local-government-sponsored astrology classes in her community, while offering an astrological counseling service to friends and acquaintances.

In 1990 she quit her day job as a German to English translator to focus on full-time professional astrology, published two books – ‘The Astrology of Karma’ and ‘Relationships, Astrology and Karma’ – and subsequently launched her first astrology website, AstroReveal.com.

With Mars conjunct Neptune in Libra rising in her Birth Chart and Venus conjunct Uranus on her Midheaven, synastry has always been her big passion! She sees astrology as a spiritual tool with unparalleled potential for enhancing our personal growth and healing, especially in the area of our close relationships, and is dedicated to sharing her insights with as many people as possible.

Having notched up thirty years experience in the field of relationship astrology, Pauline has achieved a unique understanding of the archetypal patterns that underlie most parent-child relationships, and the most effective ways of getting the best out of them while minimizing possible conflicts. Her most recently published book, written to accompany this website, is ‘PARENT & CHILD STAR SIGNS’, available now on Amazon.