Virgo Parent and Scorpio Child

* As the Virgo parent of a Scorpio child, you make an exceptionally shrewd and clear-sighted family team with the ability to fix all manner of problems – except perhaps those relating to feelings and emotions.

* Your Scorpio child has inherited your analytical mind, and with it your ability to look at any issue in great depth and detail. Nothing escapes their all-seeing eye, and just like you, they can never be fobbed off with untruths and superficialities.

* Saying it like it is, and often in quite a harsh and cutting way, is another strong trait that runs in your family. Sarcasm is your weapon of choice when you want to put somebody in their place and when you and your Scorpio child use it against one another, you can hurt each other far more than you ever meant to. 

* If you’re a Virgo mother, it’s important to understand that because your Scorpio child is a sensitive Water sign while you’re a pragmatic Earth sign, their feeling nature is much more strongly developed than yours. They can’t let go of their pain and anger as easily as you can and they have a rather vengeful side which seems quite alien to you.

* If you’re a Virgo father you’ll need to go easy on the criticism and fault finding if you want your Scorpio kid to love you, not hate you! Your Scorpio child can’t easily forgive and forget and they won’t let a paternal put-down pass without finding a way of getting their own back in an impressively sneaky and hard hitting way.

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