Virgo Parent and Sagittarius Child

* As the Virgo parent of a Sagittarius child, you’re faced with the challenge of raising a youngster whose ways and values are very different to your own. But that doesn’t mean it can’t also be good fun!

* Virgos and Sagittarians aren’t the most natural of parent-child matches, since the former are all about practicality and caution while the latter take a much more spontaneous and adventurous approach to life. Despite this, you and your Sagittarius child can complement each other well and over the years they will boost your energy levels and inspire you to inject a little ‘good risk’ into your life.

* Virgos are among the most conscientious and reliable of all parents. But they’re also the least likely to find parenthood truly enjoyable due to their anxieties about keeping their child safe, and the stress this creates in their relationship with them – especially when that child is a Sagittarius who has little concern for safety and can’t easily be harnessed or controlled.

* If you’re a Virgo mother, you will get on much better with your freedom loving Sagittarius child by allowing them rather more leeway than you might instinctively be inclined to do – and even though you can’t stop worrying, at least putting on the brave and cheerful face they most want to see on you.

* Coping with his Sagittarius child’s reckless streak is a huge challenge for the typically ultra-careful Virgo father. But because criticism only strengthens this maverick youngster’s rebelliousness, he’d do better to draw on his dry sense of humor and try to see the funny side.

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