Virgo Parent and Leo Child

* As the Virgo parent of a Leo child, you’ll find there are some major differences between the two of you which you’ll need to accommodate if you want your relationship to be a happy one.

* You’ll wonder at your Leo child’s outstanding confidence and self-belief – qualities that don’t come so naturally to you, Virgo, and which you could do with rather more of. See your Leo child as your role model for taking more well deserved pride in yourself!

* ‘Leos were born to rule the world, while Virgos were born to serve them’. Don’t buy into that common belief, Virgo, or you’ll end up as a lifetime slave to your ultra-demanding Leo child! Doing too much for your little Leo will magnify their inborn sense of entitlement and make it harder for them to cope on their own in the future.

* If you’re a Virgo mother, you show your love for your kids in practical ways but emotionally you’re more comfortable maintaining a bit of a distance. Try to show more warmth towards your Leo child and make more of a fuss of them, or despite everything they’ll end up feeling neglected.

* If you’re a Virgo father of a Leo child, you’ll help prevent them getting too big for their boots by instilling them with some of your own laudable sense of modesty. Of course you admire their ambition to get to the top, but you’ll warn them that in order to do so they’ll have to improve their work ethic and cut down on entertainments and partying!

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