Virgo Parent and Gemini Child

* As the Virgo parent of a Gemini child, you will find your strong grounding influence and good organizing abilities bring out the very best in this naturally clever youngster, while also helping to mitigate their weaknesses.

* High intelligence runs in the family! Your Gemini child has inherited your sharp brain and your gift for learning new things very quickly and easily. Also like you, they have an exceptionally clever way with words – and quite a sharp tongue when they’re irritated by something illogical or stupid. Neither of you suffer fools gladly!

* There are also a couple of important differences between you and your Gemini child. The regular routines you value so highly are dull and boring for them. Also, they make a lot more mistakes than you do, because they don’t have the sticking power to complete tasks properly. Clearly they haven’t inherited your patience and attention to detail.

* If you’re a Virgo mother, you’ll find it hard work disciplining a kid like your Gemini child who is just as smart – or even smarter – than you. Their ingenious excuses and witty answers will simply take your breath away! Try to keep your verbal skirmishes to a minimum, though. They’re not good for either of your high-strung nervous systems.

* If you’re an industrious Virgo father, you may often complain that your Gemini child doesn’t have your strong work ethic. But their problem isn’t so much laziness as inconsistency and lack of organization. Encouraging them to overcome these weaknesses without cracking the whip too hard or being too critical is your paternal challenge.

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