Taurus Parent and Taurus Child

* As the Taurus parent of a Taurus child, you’ll find it easy to understand where this sweet natured youngster is coming from since you have so many personality traits in common.

* As a Taurus you attach a lot of importance to safety and security, to material comfort and pleasure, and to approaching life in a pragmatic and realistic way. Because your Taurus child has inherited these key values, you will rarely find yourself in serious conflict with them over their major life choices, even during their more challenging teenage years.

* But one other character trait you have passed onto your young Taurus, which isn’t so beneficial to your relationship, is your bull-headed obstinacy. This immovability does have its positive side in that it gives the two of you a very strong sense of family loyalty that nothing can ever destroy. But negatively it makes it hard for either of you to give way to the other in the case of disagreements. As the adult here, it’s up to you to set a good example and be more willing to back down and let go.

* If you’re a Taurus mother, your inborn homemaking talents, especially your cooking skills, will make you very popular with your Taurus child. Good, filling, tasty food is perhaps the one most important thing that can make a Taurus kid’s childhood a happy and contented one!

* If you’re a Taurus father, you have an easy route to being remembered as a good dad by your delightfully money-conscious Taurus child. Be generous with their weekly allowance (although only when they’ve earned it!) and put aside a fat nest egg for their future.

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