Scorpio Parent and Cancer Child

* As the Scorpio parent of a Cancer child, you should enjoy a very loving and close-knit relationship with them, based on strong empathy and an ability to relate to their insecurities like no-one else can.

* If you’re a Scorpio mother you’re the rock your emotionally vulnerable little Cancerian needs to lean on to feel more self-confident and secure. You’re the caring confidant they know they can share their secret fears and hurts with, without being made to feel weak or stupid. You’re the bottomless well of strength they can draw from to help them face the world more courageously.

* Be careful though, not to allow your little Crab to become too dependent on your protection and resist the urge to fight their battles on their behalf because you believe they can’t stand up for themselves. They may not have inherited your warrior energy, but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn to copy it by following your example.

* To help prevent them being bullied or taken advantage of, train your Cancer child to stop wearing their heart so much on their sleeve and play their cards closer to their chest, like you do. Developing some of your famous emotional self-control won’t do them any harm.

 * As a Scorpio parent, your role is to help your Cancer child to be a little less timid and a little more adventurous. But in so doing don’t push them too hard out of their comfort zone and never forget that challenging situations you actually thrive on can be extremely scary for them.

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