Scorpio Parent and Aquarius Child

* As the Scorpio parent of an Aquarius child, you face the classic challenge of your two Star Signs in that you tend to be quite a controlling kind of person, while this is a youngster who desperately wants to be free.

* An Aquarius child instinctively knows they don’t ‘belong’ to their parents and are only on loan to them for a short while. For this reason don’t behave too possessively towards this independent kid or eventually you’ll drive them away.

* Power struggles are the chief source of conflict between Scorpio parents and Aquarius children, especially during their teenage years. So think very carefully about how you will exert your authority in this relationship, Scorpio. Over-playing your power card will only make your little Aquarius rebel all the longer and the harder.

* Because you’re a Water sign while your Aquarius child is an Air sign, you’re wired to look at life from an emotional standpoint, while they’re guided more by their head. You rely on your intuition when making decisions, but they prefer to look only at the cold facts. Sometimes they’re too logical for your liking, while in their eyes you can be overly suspicious and perhaps a bit paranoid at times.

* If you’re the Scorpio mother of an Aquarius child, your bond with this youngster will be a strong one, since both of you are very steadfast in your affections. But it may not be a warmly emotional one, at least on their side. Because little Aquarians detest smother love, they prefer not to get too close to anyone, even their mothers!

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