Libra Parent and Cancer Child

* As the Libra parent of a Cancer child, you’re likely to enjoy a harmonious relationship based on a genuine desire to make each other happy, avoid conflict, and build a strong bond that will endure throughout your lives.

* Your Cancer child will think it’s wonderful that you try to be their friend, but not if that means you forget you’re also supposed to be their parent. Your little Cancerian needs more full-on nurturing and protection than you, as an Air sign, are instinctively inclined to give them.

* While you’re a ‘people person’, your Cancer child is more of a ‘family person’. Because they haven’t inherited your social confidence, they’re less comfortable than you with meeting strangers and prefer not to stray too far from home.

* If you’re the Libra mother of a Cancer child, you’ll need to accept that emotionally they’re much more sensitive than you. While you’re quite detached and objective, your little Cancerian takes everything very personally and is easily offended in ways you don’t always understand. When they’re hurt they simply can’t hide it:  always putting on a happy face is much harder for them than for you.

* If you’re the Libra father of a Cancer child, here’s the rub: You’re longing for an intellectual relationship with your kid, but they want one that’s more heart to heart. While you can’t wait to start relating to them as an adult, they’d rather carry on being pampered and babied by you till the cows come home!

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