Leo Parent and Taurus Child

* As the Leo parent of a Taurus child, you have something of a power struggle on your hands, since this youngster’s determination and willpower are just as strong and unshakeable as your own!

* While you’re a passionate Fire sign, your Taurus child is a pragmatic Earth sign, so don’t expect them to approach life with the same sense of exuberance and adventurousness as yourself. Compared to you, this is a much more cautious and practically minded little creature.

* What you do have in common is that, both being born under Fixed signs, neither of you quit easily on the things or people that matter to you. You’ve passed onto your Taurus child your loyalty of spirit and your incredible sticking power. But alongside of this, also your unreasonable obstinacy!

* If you’re the Leo mother of a Taurus child, be prepared for ongoing battles of will as each of you challenges the other to be the first to give way or back down. Is forcing your child into submission worth all the sullen sulkiness and general lack of cooperation it’s likely to provoke on their part? That’s a question you’ll be frequently asking yourself!

* Every Leo father has a secret dream that his kid is destined for fame and fortune. In the case of a Taurus child that dream may be fulfilled in one sense but not in the other. Achieving material success and making lots of money is a key life aspiration of most little Bulls. But unlike you Leo, being the center of attention is their worst nightmare.

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