Gemini Parent and Pisces Child

* As the Gemini parent of a Pisces child, you’ll need to work hard at developing your emotional intelligence if you’re to have any chance of understanding this highly sensitive and unusually tender-hearted kid.

* As you probably know, there are two different types of intelligence – rational and emotional – the big difference between you and your Pisces child being that yours is the former while theirs is the latter.

* In practice this means that while you’re very logical, they’re more intuitive, and while they have trouble processing concrete facts and realities, you’re not very good at picking up on atmospheres and feelings. This can cause conflict when you’re trying to explain some important instructions and they just don’t ‘get it’.  Likewise when they’re looking for a bit of empathy and comfort, and all they get from you is cold commonsense.

* If you’re the Gemini mother of a Pisces child, you’ll need to make an effort to adapt your nurturing style to this gentle youngster’s demanding emotional needs. The bottom line is that they need more of your time, more of your patience, and more of your heart-felt affection than you’re sometimes inclined to give. 

* If you’re a Gemini father, your commitment-averse, freewheeling lifestyle probably isn’t the best role model for the kind of kid, like a Pisces, who finds accepting responsibility inherently quite hard. Even if you can’t always practice what you preach, training your Pisces child to step up to life’s challenges and be totally honest and accountable is the right way to bring them up.

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