Aries Parent and Leo Child

* As the Aries parent of a Leo child, you’ll find your life changes in a big way! This youngster is going to need a lot of attention, and perhaps more than your independent, busy-busy lifestyle is comfortable about giving.

* Having a child born under the same Element as yourself – in this case Fire – is always good news. For sure, you won’t have any problems understanding where this kid is coming from since they’re just as passionate, driven and fiercely competitive as you are.

* However, you’ll be disappointed if you were hoping parenthood wouldn’t impact too much on your freedom loving lifestyle. Little Leos are very high-maintenance and if they don’t get enough recognition, they’ll find ways of attracting your notice in ways you won’t always like!

* If you’re an Aries mother or father, you’re used to seeing yourself at the center of your personal universe, but now all that will have to change. To give your Leo child the high level of self-esteem they need to express their dazzling talents, you’ll have to focus on building up their ego at the expense of your own.

* If you’re too me-oriented an Aries to support your little Leo in the way they expect you to, you might fall into the trap of competing with them for the role of top dog in the household. This kind of rivalry can be a particular problem between Aries fathers and Leo sons, and between Aries mothers and Leo daughters.

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