Aquarius Parent and Libra Child

* As the Aquarius parent of a Libra child, you will find your wish for a kid to whom you can be a good friend has been well and truly fulfilled here!

* Your Libra child believes in equality, so they’ll be glad you try to relate to them as a little adult, rather than an ignorant little kid. Perhaps you instinctively sense they’ve inherited your sparklingly brilliant mind and have a lot to contribute in terms of original thoughts and ideas.

* Spending time with you, the beloved parent they want to be their best friend and confidant, makes your Libra child’s heart sing. Being left to their own devices with no-one to talk to because you’re too busy with your super-active social life makes them feel deeply alone and unloved.

* If you’re the gregarious Aquarius mother of a Libra child, your key challenge in this relationship lies in providing this little one with the constant company that’s so critically important to them. If you want to do your best for your Libra child, your days of being a free agent are over for now!

* If you’re a typically laissez-faire Aquarius father, you allow your kids to make their own minds up about important issues rather than imposing your beliefs on them. But while that works fine for most children, it can actually be quite stressful for your Libra child. Because making decisions is difficult for them, they’ll appreciate your guidance in weighing the pros and cons.

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