The Taurus Child

* Instinctively, a Taurus child understands a key purpose of their life will be one of material achievement. Keenly acquisitive by nature, from an early age they will display a clever little head for business and a healthy respect for money, which is deserving of due acknowledgement on your part. Having their own possessions which are exclusively theirs strengthens their self-confidence and self-esteem. On the other hand, being forced to give up something they're attached to is deeply undermining to their sense of personal security. By teaching your young Taurus to be more willing to let go of their possessions when necessary, you will help them cope better in the future with the inevitable material ups and downs of  life.

* A Taurus child’s common sense will start to show itself from a very early age. Okay, their mind may not operate quite as fast as some others kids’, but in terms of basic down to earth savvy  or ‘native intelligence’ they stand head and shoulders above their peers. To help your Taurus child feel really good about themselves, praise them frequently for being so sensible. To avoid causing them to feel bad about themselves, don’t make a big deal of any silly blunders on their part.

* Because being seen as competent at practical tasks matters a great deal to a young Taurus, to boost their sense of can-do it’s important to compliment them on anything they’ve made or constructed, be this a cake they’ve baked or a toy model they’ve put together, no matter how long it may have taken them. A little Taurean’s relentless sticking power is one of their finest qualities and one they need to be made to feel truly proud of. Of course, its flip side is their bull-headed obstinacy (one of their worst failings!) as well as an inborn resistance to change and unwillingness to take chances in life!

* Because their five physical senses are powerfully developed, Taurus children get great pleasure from things that taste, feel, smell, sound and look good. Right from the cradle, they’re big foodies and show a marked appreciation of all forms of beauty, especially music and art. Being given the opportunity to cultivate their aesthetic gifts, and receive recognition for their achievements, will help them to develop a strong sense of self worth.

* As a firmly rooted Earth sign, the Taurus child is very much at home in their physical body and feels a strong sense of connection with the natural world. For this reason they’ll thrive best on as much contact as possible with nature, frequent excursions into the countryside, and if possible a little gardening area of their own. Fresh air is a wonderful tonic for your littleTaurean whenever they're feeling out of sorts!

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