The Scorpio Child

* Even when very small, a Scorpio child is keenly aware of their own inner power since they instinctively sense that the strength of their will is far greater than that of the people around them. It will be many years before they also become aware of their inner vulnerabilities and the subconscious insecurities that cause them to try to maintain constant control. In the meantime, as their parent you will have to deal with the psychological complexities that result from these two conflicting sides of the core personality of a Scorpio child.

* Being recognized as a brave little kid with the guts to face up to challenges uncomplainingly and without expecting others to run to their assistance is very important to a Scorpio child’s self-esteem. So be sure to praise them for every small act of courage on their part, despite your worries about their compulsion to push themselves to the limit in proving their mettle. You’ll have your work cut out trying to stop your little Scorpio dicing with danger, because the thrill they get out of it makes them feel truly alive.

* Many of the behavior patterns of children born under this Star Sign are motivated by the need to wield tight control over the people and things they’re most attached to, which are vital to their sense of personal security. All Scorpios have a deep fear of loss and defeat, but an even stronger survival instinct and will to win. These extraordinarily determined youngsters are prepared to go to almost any lengths to come out on top in conflict situations. They also know how to use every trick in the book to hold onto whatever is most dear to them, including emotional blackmail and manipulation. Letting go is extremely hard for a Scorpio child and they will need a great deal of support whenever circumstances force them to do so.

* To bring out the best in your Scorpio child, it’s vitally important that you raise them from scratch in the knowledge that they are loved and accepted totally and unconditionally by both their parents and that neither will ever let them down. The more reasons you give them to doubt the strength and reliability of your love, the more they’ll unconsciously try to test it out through provocative and challenging behavior.

* Essentially, a little Scorpio needs the assurance that their parents’ devotion will be equal to or greater than theirs to them. Scorpio children stand head and shoulders above other kids in the quality and strength of their loyalty and commitment to their loved ones. No other child loves from a deeper place or with greater intensity, so as their parent you have a lot to live up to.

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