The Libra Child

* A Libra child is a peaceful little soul who senses their key purpose lies in making the world a more harmonious and beautiful place. Being the cause of any kind of conflict or unpleasantness is a source of deep shame for them. However annoyed you may be with your little Libra (and yes, despite their best efforts even Libra children occasionally make their parents angry!), try never to openly lose your temper with them. It will have a more psychologically disturbing effect on them than it would do on any other kind of child.

* So strong is a Libra child’s longing for everything in their small world to be sweetness and light, they may go to extreme lengths to avoid upsetting other people, even if this means concealing their true ego needs and desires and being a little disingenuous at times. A Libra’s inborn tact and diplomacy represent one of their finest qualities, but also make it hard for them to speak plainly and frankly when need be. By teaching your Libra child healthy self-assertiveness you’ll protect them from being pushed around later in life.

* The level of a Libra child’s self-esteem is closely linked to how well liked they are within their peer group. Because popularity is so important to them, being ignored, rejected, or worse still bullied, would be a huge blow to their pride. To please people, Libra kids often end up agreeing to their demands to the detriment of their own interests. Make a point of teaching your Libra child how to say ‘no’ and mean it, and explain to them that being a weak ‘yes person’ will never make them feel good about themselves.

* Even from an early age, in order to feel whole and complete all Libras need a ‘significant other’ in their life because, paradoxically, the best way for them to discover their true sense of ‘self’ is in a committed relationship with another person. Encourage your Libra child to make a best friend right from kindergarten. Later on, be prepared for them to want to find a steady boyfriend or girlfriend rather earlier than is the norm.

* As depicted by Libra’s symbol, the Scales, the urge to achieve balance in their life is fundamental to this youngsters’ core personality. They aim to be scrupulously fair in their judgments by carefully weighing both sides of every issue – with the result that any kind of decision making can be painfully prolonged and difficult for them. Injustice – either on their part or on other people’s – upsets them greatly. If you treat your Libra child unfairly, it’s one of the few occasions when they’ll show they’re angry with you. If they believe they’ve been guilty of treating someone else unfairly, they’ll be very angry with themselves.

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