The Gemini Child

* ‘I think therefore I am’ is the motto of the Star Sign Gemini! Because a Gemini child’s self-image is largely based on their cognitive abilities, they like to think of themselves as intelligent and quick on the uptake. Their self-esteem gets a big boost every time someone tells them they’re an amazingly smart little kid. Conversely, it takes a huge knock whenever they’re called stupid or slow. To prevent them from becoming intellectually arrogant while not undermining their mental confidence, try to avoid going to either extreme.

* To help your Gemini child make the most of their sharp brain, teach them to read and write as soon as possible and make good financial provision for their education. You’ll also have to be prepared to crack the whip when it comes to getting homework done properly and on time. Despite being natural and gifted students, Gemini kids aren’t the hardest of workers, and because their attention span is quite short and their boredom threshold quite low they may have problems finishing study projects through to the end.

* Instinctively, a Gemini child knows a key purpose of their life consists of disseminating knowledge, passing on information and keeping everyone up to date with the latest news. Because they’re big chatterboxes, at times it’s hard not to reprimand them for talking too much. But trying to silence your Gemini child is a major mistake. Their primary channel of self-expression is through verbal communication and they need you to reassure them what they have to say is interesting in order to feel validated and heard. At the same time of course, you’ll want to teach them the rules of polite conversation and the importance of not hogging conversations and allowing others their fair say.

* A Gemini child’s effervescent wit and irrepressible sense of fun are central to their core personality and thus an essential part of who they are. For a healthy self-image they need you to show your approval and appreciation of their light-hearted, jokey take on life. But don’t omit to teach them the important difference between genuine humor and jokes made at others’ expense. Similarly don’t let them use wit as a ploy for wriggling out of telling the truth.

* A young Gemini’s versatility and aptitude for multi-tasking is one of their greatest strengths. But inevitably it comes with an associated difficulty in sustained application to any one activity or idea. Although many Geminis are destined to become a ‘jack of all trades and master of none’ that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In the fast changing modern world, their ability to deftly turn their hand to a wide variety of different skills guarantees they’ll never find themselves without gainful employment.

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