The Aquarius Child

* Despite being one of the most exceptional of all children, a little Aquarius doesn’t think of themselves as particularly special. Born with the belief that everyone is created equal, this isn’t the kind of kid to assume airs and graces. But at the same time they know their worth and their rights are no less than anyone else’s and they’ll never allow people (parents included!) to push them around.

* Praising your Aquarius child for their open-mindedness and willingness to show everyone the same level of respect and acceptance helps them to develop a positive self-image. Deep down they sense that one of their key purposes in life will be to help create a fairer society. During their school years this will show itself in their readiness to stand up for the underdog. Later in life they may be drawn to supporting humanitarian causes in some shape or form.

* Your Aquarius child is likely to display an admirable team spirit that deserves due recognition and encouragement on your part. In competitive situations working for the success of the entire group matters more to them than grabbing personal trophies. This unselfishness, together with their ability for getting on well with all kinds of different people, makes them the kind of kid that everyone wants to know. As a result they’re likely to amass a wide circle of diverse friends and acquaintances, although it’s in their nature never to get too close to any one of them. This instinctive detachment is part of their inborn sense of independence which will play out in all areas of their life.

* Because the love of freedom runs deep in their blood, an Aquarius child will thrive best on a little less structure and routine than the average youngster, and a little more leeway over rules and boundaries. Despite your best efforts to mold them the way you want them to be, they will always insist on living their life as they see fit, even if that means ignoring convention and flouting authority. Being their own person is what feeds their self-esteem – they’d lose all respect for themselves if they turned into one of the sheep.

* In terms of their understanding of the world, Aquarius children are unusually advanced for their years and well ahead of their times. This is a clever youngster who relates easily to progressive ideas, but may not respond so well to traditional forms of learning. Because they don’t think or behave in the same way as most of their peers, they can gain a name for being rather eccentric. Convincing your Aquarius child that their ‘differentness’ is a mark of honor not of shame, will be crucial in building their confidence and self-belief.

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